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Publish Date:2014-4-18
The EU has since January 1, 2006 banned the use of antibiotics as growth promoters used in feed. However, some non EU countries are trying to remove the antibacterial agent from the diet of the animal. Methods six optimal feed can help ensure the future antibiotics only used in livestock disease.
The search for improved feed without antibiotics, the method can be classified into the following six. To add your materials is a key factor.
Antibiotics are widely used in the whole world animal industry has more than a few years. As of 2006, the EU will no longer allow antibiotics are used to promote the growth of the. Outside the EU, to reduce antimicrobial feed in the argument is still going on. Be not easily won the European experience, can provide the first insights into how do not feed antibiotics. These can be classified into six methods. First, use high quality sources of protein is the key condition, the second is the need to pay attention to restrain and control of mycotoxin. Third and fourth is important heat treatment and diet acidification, as is the structure improved feed (5). Last but not least important, probiotics / prebiotics added, improve the production performance of animal feed and.
  1 protein digestion
The use of high-quality source of protein is helpful to improve the digestibility in the small intestine. High quality protein sources can be fermented protein minimization in colon, pathogen reduction matrix. Select the best source of protein is the first step to reduce the use of antibiotics in feed. One thing to note is, for example, differential protein availability of biofuels of industrial by-products.
2 Fungi and toxins
Although the mycotoxin problem in most countries in Europe have not been considered one of the most serious problems, but we see the effect of toxin on the worldwide animal performance. Fungi can produce these toxins, have a negative impact on the nutritional value of the feed. Please confirm in feed mildew and toxin levels below the control level, therefore, it is also an important way to optimize the performance of animal.
 3 Heating feed
The use of heat treatment (with pressure) can eliminate the pollution of bacteria in feed potential, increase the availability of nutrients. Heat treatment is an effective method to improve the feed safety and nutritional value, but also some factors must be taken into account. For example, the cost of heat treatment. The usual practice is to use the 80-85 temperatures. Every increase of 5 degrees can increase 30% of the cost of energy. Another factor to consider is the two pollution heat treatment after pathogen. Cooler and dust are risk factors for feed pollution potential in feed mill.
  4 Acidification
The use of organic acid is one of the best ways to purify the feed. There are many different products and blends available. These acids can reduce feed and gastric pH value, resist bacteria, so as to enhance digestion, improve the technical performance. A recent study shows that, heat treatment and organic acid in combination with feed decontamination can exhibit strong effect. The study also showed that the effect of different Acidifiers may show great differences. Organic acids and specific components of essential oil composition has been proved to be a good choice feed purification.
 5 Structure
There are different ways can be used to grinding or cutting feed. The key is to find the best balance between digestibility and intestinal motility excitement. Component will more easily digested by FCR, but at the same time, shorten the chyme in the intestine by time can cause nutritional diarrhea. The raw material is thicker, such as rough cutting grain, will let the feed is not easy to digest, but they reduce chyme through time, stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, increases the fermentation in the gut.
  6 Prebiotics /probiotics
Another view of bacteria is not to kill harmful bacteria, but to turn it into good. This can be accomplished by probiotics or prebiotics. There are still a lot of not clear effect, but the use of these products has increased. Probiotics are "good" bacteria, colonization of intestinal, help to maintain a healthy flora.
Prebiotics nutritional substances of microbes. Suitable bacterial stimuli such as lactobacillus can help to maintain a good balance of flora, which is mainly through the short chain fatty acids (SCFA) such as butyric acid production to complete. Because microbial higher energy demand, disadvantages of these products as stimulate intestinal health, nutrition efficiency is on the decline. This will be adjusted according to the specific circumstances of the formula and intestinal balance eternal question. New technologies such as now listed SCFA products such as butyric acid can be directly applied to the intestinal tract, without loss of the stomach early absorption effect. Butyric acid can also be used for the aspects of human colonic absorption in medical applications, this aspect now in the animal nutrition.
Resistance to antibiotics
In the past few years, the antibiotics when growth promoter or a standard management tool using the shortcomings have become increasingly controversial topic. First, people more and more afraid of antibiotic resistance, especially MRSA and ESBL. Antibiotic resistance increased, therefore human health services are not in treatment of bacterial fear. Then we see effect farm antibiotics decreased due to drug resistance. Some pathogens using traditional methods is difficult to be treated. Other animal gut bacteria, we call the good bacteria, was also effects of antibiotics. The worst is even, antibiotics can cause diarrhea, rather than the treatment.
The advantages and disadvantages of the antibiotic, it's wise to fight bacteria, animal production performance substitute enhancement. In this way, the future we need antibiotics when it is animal with bacterial diseases, we can use of antibiotics. Besides the mentioned in this way, there is a lot of work even more needs to be done, in order to improve the feed value. Through these methods can reduce the use of antibiotics, while improving productivity.
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