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Publish Date:2014-4-18
Recently, state quality inspection administration and the National Standardization Management Committee issued a revised "feed label" (GB10648-2013) requirements, since July 1, 2014 onwards. "Feed label" as a mandatory national standard, plays a critical role in the regulation of feed industry production and operation order, improve product quality and safety level.
According to the analysis, the implementation of the new version of "the feed tag" mainly has the following effects: one is to revise and improve greatly. The old version issued revised in 1999, has been implemented for 14 years. The new standard in the old version based on the further enrich and perfect, main technical differences in the contents of as many as 15, revised in different basic principle, follow the applicable scope and the basic content of mark, in the implementation process should pay special attention to. The two relates to many kinds of products. The revision relates to the vast majority of imported feed products, including fish feed, fish meal, meat and bone meal, pet food, soybean meal, cottonseed meal and feed additives, are required to revise the existing label, the label content to meet the new standard requirements. Three is more strict requirements on imported feed label. After the implementation of new standards, if the imported feed product label does not meet the national standard requirements, according to relevant regulations, shall specify the transport of goods to the inspection and quarantine institutions place, applied in accordance with the norms of the label. It could prolong the cargo release cycle, increase the cost of enterprise operations.
This suggests that the import and export enterprises, the provisions to earnestly study and understand the new label "feed", make full use of the transition period, early hands-on, early planning, change to feed products new and old label link.
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