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Publish Date:2014-4-25
Zinc and sulfur is an essential trace element for the growth of livestock and poultry, breeding. Are indispensable in livestock feed.  
When zinc or zinc in feed feed is not easy to be absorbed in livestock and poultry livestock, will appear zinc deficiency, lead to animal body weight loss, skin thickening, livestock, poultry plug pill atrophy. Fewer sperm, growth, breeding are affected. Therefore, livestock and poultry feed should not be short of zinc, in livestock and poultry feed some deficiency, should be appropriate to supplement. Method is with zinc sulfate or zinc carbonate mixed into it. The added quantity, because of livestock and poultry breeds and different growth period. Usually the number added zinc sulfate or zinc carbonate in every kilograms of feed is: 20 kilograms of pork 50-60 mg, 50 kg pigs and pregnant sows 40-50 mg, 50-100 kg pigs 30-50 mg, lactating sows 40-60 mg; ram 30-50 mg, calves, cows with young 30 - 60 mg, young cattle fattening 40 - 60 mg, 90 mg of cattle and beef cattle, meat of young cattle 100 mg 30 mg; sheep; avian 50 - 100 mg. If the animal has symptom of zinc deficiency, addition can increase the 0.51 times. In the livestock from adding zinc sulfate or zinc in feed at the same time, but also to adjust the intake of calcium and zinc in livestock and poultry, the content of calcium in feed maintained at 0.65 - 0.75% level. In this way, can we truly achieve the purpose of livestock and poultry zinc.
Livestock and poultry feed of sulfur, can promote the synthesis of protein in the animal body, improve the protein components of livestock and poultry products. The sulfur content in feed is insufficient, can by adding sodium sulfate, to increase the amount of sulfur. Livestock and poultry feed sodium sulfate, its output and quality can be improved obviously. For example, the pig can gain of 8 - 11%, lean meat rate, delicious meat; the egg laying rate can be increased by about 20%; Angora rabbit wool Liangke increased by 12 - 18%; volume of milk cow per day, can increase 1 - 1.4 kg, the feed conversion rate can be increased by 60%. Better effect.
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