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Publish Date:2014-5-9
1. Source of calcium feed
The natural plant and animal feed containing calcium calcium requirements are inadequate, compared, therefore need to diet supplemented with calcium source feed.
Powder is limestone, marble ore comprehensive mining products, the basic components of calcium carbonate, calcium content in 34% ~ 38%, is the cheapest source of calcium in feed.
Shell powder shells of marine and freshwater software animal housing. Shell main component is calcium carbonate. The amount of calcium and powder similar. Fresh shells subject to heating, grinding, to stop the spread of disease. Shell shell has been decomposed organic matter to death, relatively safe. Sand, clay mixed with the shell, shell powder calcium containing these impurities are low.
2. Phosphorus and phosphorus, calcium source feed
Provide mineral feed source for few only phosphate, sodium phosphate etc.. Phosphoric acid is corrosive liquid, and feed production, is not convenient to use. Sodium phosphate both P, also provide sodium. The commonly used are also contains two kinds of mineral elements of calcium, phosphorus, calcium, phosphorus in feed.
Bone meal from animal bone through hot pressing, degreasing, drying, pulverizing degumming, its basic composition is calcium phosphate, calcium, phosphorus and 13.1% 28% high-quality bone meal, calcium to phosphorus ratio 2:1, calcium, phosphorus mineral feed more balanced.
Simple production method of bone meal, not after degreasing, degumming and autoclaving smash directly, have more fat and protein in the product, easy to spoilage, risk also spread the disease, use should be noted.
Calcium hydrogen phosphate, calcium 29.46% P 22.77% calcium hydrophosphate without water of crystallization of calcium, phosphorus, calcium hydrogen phosphate 23.29% 18.01% 2 water of crystallization, calcium, phosphorus in calcium hydrogenphosphate easily absorbed calcium phosphate feed animal, is the most commonly used. In addition, calcium phosphate, calcium superphosphate and calcium, phosphorus rich feed, but the absorption rate than calcium hydrogen phosphate.
3. Salt
The main component of salt is sodium chloride, sodium and chlorine can provide plant feed is lack of two elements, also has the effect of seasoning, can enhance the appetite of animal.
4. Trace element additive
According to the requirement of essential trace elements in animal, a certain proportion by the trace element inorganic salts or oxides and trace element additive, for lack of necessary trace elements supplement in animal feed. There are many kinds of trace element additive brand, use both to identify quality, also need to pay attention to the content of trace elements of different compounds.
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