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Publish Date:2014-5-26
The pig for optimum growth temperature was 18 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, but due to the summer air temperature is high, small temperature difference between day and night, humidity is big, plus the pig is a warm blooded animal, subcutaneous fat thickness, underdeveloped sweat glands, summer is very easy to lose weight, slow growth, even the heat death. Therefore, we must strengthen the summer pig heatstroke prevention, ensure the pigs in summer.
A, shading and greening
1 Building shade
In order to reduce the pigsty ambient temperature, radiation can make use of certain facilities to block out the sun. One is in a house above the scaffolding, scaffolding branches in the upper berth, can rise to prevent direct sunlight and reduce the environmental temperature to. Two windows can add a horizontal plate to shield the sunlight from the window above. The three is for a sports field or greenhouse pigsty pigsty, in the summer should be set or planting vines plant sun shading awning.
2 Green shade
The summer should through the green shade as much as possible to reduce the radiant heat of the sun, tree planting is helpful to reduce the temperature of the surrounding environment of piggery. In the pig pen around planting poplar, 2 ~ 3 years can play a sun shading, shadow effect, reduce the heat stress of pigs, autumn leaves and not affect pork light. Therefore, should strengthen the pig farm and the surrounding area for planting trees and grass, to lower the temperature of the environment, but not many tall trees, effect of ventilation, is attracted to the bird on the prevention of adverse.
3 Ventilation
Summer, the pigsty for effective ventilation can be excluded in piggery heat, have certain effect on reducing the temperature inside the house. At present, natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation are the two kinds of ventilation in the.
Natural ventilation is arranged air inlet and outlet right in house building, the use of natural wind and temperature effect of fresh air into the interior, will shed excess heat and dirty gas exhausted to the outside.
Mechanical ventilation is often the use of longitudinal ventilation, the fan installed in the pigsty hill to longitudinal ventilation, the fan with high temperature air inside out, and the homes cool fresh air into the indoor, to good effect in the pigsty ventilation plays.
B, evaporative cooling
1 Wash the pig
Sherwin high available hose or spray timing to pigs (maternity homes except) and the roof water cooling or artificial watering cooling.
For single limit column and maternity homes sows can drip cooling system, water dropper installed in pigs shoulder above, about 1 hour intervals in the neck, shoulder and back skin of pigs were low flow drip cooling, cooling effect. But the drip speed is slow, not very good control of the entire house temperature.
On fasting and pregnant sows, growing finishing pigs, using spray or spray cooling method in summer and autumn during hot weather, cool faster, 5 ~ 10 minutes will shed temperature decreases from 5 to 8 degrees, and can purify the air, the boar when necessary timing flushing of testis.
But spray (SA) water cooling is the biggest problem is that increases the humidity inside the house. On one hand, high temperature and high humidity will increase the occurrence of heat stress in the home; the spread of pathogenic microorganisms causing a high humidity will. Especially the use of water spray cooling to be careful and pay attention to methods in the delivery room.
2 In the shed roof sprinkling spray
The roof is based on the principle of water spray evaporation and heat absorption, reduce the roof surface temperature, reduce radiation heat transfer to the shed, the waste water.
In the shed through the spray droplet spray in air and achieves the purpose of reducing the temperature vaporization (general can reduce the temperature of 1 ℃ ~ 3 ℃), but also increase the humidity in the house, so the cooling effect is likely to be offset by the humidity increased, and therefore the law is only applicable to dry heat area.
3 Water curtain cooling is a cooling method rising in recent years effect is more ideal, in the last century 80's start in 3 domestic, first used for house cooling in summer. Set up a water curtain in the inlet of mechanical ventilation, fan blowing air through the wet curtain of water due to evaporation of water and the air temperature is decreased, the low temperature air entering the building to achieve the purpose of cooling (generally can be reduced more than 5 DEG C), but also increase the humidity of the air inside, so the method suitable for dry heat area.
Three, as far as possible to reduce the breeding density
Rearing density directly affects the temperature in piggery, so reduce the breeding density in high temperature season. Piglets breeding density should be 0.3 ~ 0.4m2 / pig, 3 ~ April at the age of 0.6 m2/ pig, 4 ~ June at the age of 2 0.8m2/ pig, 7 ~ August at the age of 2 1.1~1.2 m2 / pig. The best single bar feeding of pregnant sows.
4 Feed heatstroke
Adding the right amount of heat Jieshu summer feed or drinking water, Shengjinzhike feed, to prevent heatstroke.
(1) taking with vinegar or pickled cabbage juice 250 ml to 500 ml, 1 times a day.
(2) white hyacinth bean 20 ~ 25 grams, decoction juice fed.
(3) 20 times of water boiled mung bean, when cool fed.
(4) the car before the grass and pale leaves each 100 grams, decoction juice mix fed.
(5) the use of fresh watermelon skin 2000 grams, mash with 100 grams of sugar, stir well fed, tertian 1.
5 Adequate supply, cool, health drinking water
Water on the regulation of body temperature play an important role, increase water and urine is an important mechanism for lowering body temperature in summer pig. In the condition of heat stress must be cold water supply adequate, clean, and sanitary, in deep water is best, and pay attention to regular replacement. At the same time can add 0.01% ~ 0.02% VC and 0.1%~0.2% artificial salt in the drinking water, regulating the body's electrolyte balance. Reduce heat stress.
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