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Publish Date:2014-6-7
In summer, mosquitoes began a large number of breeding, especially in the garbage and excrement, hygienic dead angle, the fastest growth in sewage. Normal growth not only serious disturbance to the pig, also accelerated the spread of the disease, is an important media blight, hindered the healthy development of pig. We emphasize a pig and a needle, the purpose is to prevent the cross infection of the injection process, but the mosquito "needle" can not be disinfected, so also appeared in the summer of eperythrozoonosis, streptococcus disease, encephalitis and other diseases. There are many ways to kill mosquitoes and flies, but control farms mosquitoes, comprehensive measures should be taken, according to the life history of flies and mosquitoes, through a variety of methods used in combination to safe, effective, economic, easy to control and eliminate mosquitoes.
A, environmental management
1 removing manure promptly should pay special attention to the dead in the feces and sewage, as far as possible to maintain the pig manure drying.
2 good sanitation, regular disinfection, keep the house clean, eliminate mosquito breeding ground.
3 keep in dry surroundings, or lime powder or soda on the wet ground and, can also be controlled to a certain extent the breeding of mosquitoes, but also to eliminate the source of disinfection effect.
4 the screen window and door curtain waterway, flies and mosquitoes prevention facilities, can also use the fly trap, mosquito killing lamp, flypaper catch exterminate mosquitoes and flies, or install mosquito killer or red lamp trapping mosquitoes in the home.
5 farms around the planting of camphor tree, eucalyptus, maple trees, help to reduce the number of flies and mosquitoes. Planting seven incense, in the home eat Cordyceps sinensis, cordate telosma, jasmine and other flowers, not only can reduce the mosquitoes, but also beautify the space.
6 good control of the temperature and humidity, strengthen the summer indoor ventilation, is not conducive to mosquito breeding.
7 combustion residues in tea, orange peel and other driving mosquitoes or shed some camphor tablets, mint, the smell can repel mosquitoes.
B, drug prevention
Drug control is an important measure to control mosquitoes, can kill adult mosquitoes, flies and decreased rapidly in livestock density.
1 in the feed raw garlic, add some vitamin B1 or cyromazine premix 50-100g/T, can effectively prevent mosquitoes or flies to bite.
2 commonly used pesticides pyrethroids, quasi pyrethroid, organophosphate, can kill mosquitoes use pyrethrins, realgar and other drugs, but the drug side effects of pig. The best use of pyrethroid insecticides, low toxicity, no effect on pig.
3 can add drugs to suppress mosquitoes breeding in the feed, such as ring C an hydrochloride is an effective insect growth regulator, has strong killing effect on Diptera insect larvae, especially on the fly larva breeding in feces (i.e. Cang maggot) has good inhibition and killing effect.
C, other
Under natural conditions, biological control and chemical control is more effective than drug.
In the faeces of 1 mosquito predators (spiders, culture house lizard, beetles, worm etc.).
2 fresh tomato leaves smashed juice, inunction pig body, usually 2~3 days an inunction, can also be sprayed with spray. At the same time, also can put some tomato leaf to the pigsty, launch 1~2 times a week. The unique smell of mosquitoes for fear of its emission, dare not stay in the pig or the pigsty, so as to achieve the purpose of repel mosquitoes.
3 acquisition of fresh mint leaves some tablets smashed juice, adding high liquor, for applying pig or spray to the pigsty is sprayed, and the acquisition of fresh mint plant put into the pigsty, launch 1~2 times a week. If the juice rubbed or spray, can be carried out by the 2~3 times a week, can effectively repel mosquitoes in the pigsty.
4 VB1 added in feed, can reduce the number of mosquitoes to pig bite, specific to each head feeding 30-40 mg, every 3 days to add a.
In a word, on the farm of fly and mosquito control is a system engineering, to exterminate mosquitoes difficulty is very great, but to fully understand the mosquito breeding mode, adopt comprehensive measures, will achieve better effect of killing flies.
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