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Publish Date:2014-2-17

Said People's Network, antibiotic was considered to be the miracle of human being, which has saved countless lives, but today, because of abuse seriously, it has become a deadly drug. America medical sector popular saying: "buy a gun is easy, difficult to buy antibiotics." This reflects the management status in America antibiotic drugs.

Early in the last century 60's, America government began to strictly control the use of antibiotics in the treatment of human diseases, patients must have a prescription. But the livestock owners can easily buy antibiotics in the feed store, every domestic USA sold 80% antibiotics are used in animal husbandry and aquaculture. FDA (America food and Drug Administration) data display, 1/3 used for livestock antibiotics has never been used in the treatment of human disease, drug resistance of bacteria can transfer through the food chain from animal to human body, bacteria can be from a single resistance to multiple drug resistance, super bacteria eventually evolved into the antibiotics resistance "". In 2013, America centers for Disease Control and Prevention report 2013 "USA antibiotic resistance threat" show, at least 2,000,000 people infected each year USA resistant strains, including 23,000 deaths, infection led to a $25,000,000,000 ($1is about 6) medical expenses and 35,000,000,000 production loss. And the speed of resistant bacteria produced much faster than the speed of the development of new drugs, if not strictly controlled, some diseases in human will be in a hopeless situation in future.

In order to avoid the worsening problem of antibiotics, FDA began to gradually prohibited livestock use "have important medical uses of antibiotics" since 2010, and announced the No. 209 and No. 213 industry guidance document. In December 11, 2013, FDA released the "Ultimate Edition" industry guidance documents "veterinary feed instruction", requiring the use of a licensed veterinarian supervision of antibiotics, including on-site inspection, write more detailed report; farmers to buy antibiotics must first obtain a veterinary prescription; urged animal pharmaceutical companies voluntarily modify tab, new tab to remove antibiotics to promote animal growth, improve feed efficiency description, indicating the antibiotics can only be used for the treatment if used in veterinary supervision.
This document is voluntary, but Animal Health Association, vice president of scientific regulation and international affairs Richard Carnevale still expresses, "if these animal pharmaceutical company is not in the specified period of time take the initiative, FDA will take coercive measures." FDA also said, the voluntary approach is the fastest ways of supervision, will eventually produce the same effect of mandatory regulations. These measures will be conducive to the protection of public health.
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